NCT Dream has been in the spotlight since the release of their first full-length album in May, and the fashion industry is starting to pay attention. The group’s leader, Mark, has made his impression as a VIP guest for Dior, and now, it’s Chenle’s turn. Chenle gave fans a refreshing, youthful look for ELLE Idol’s July digital magazine issue. 


Solo Pictorial Debut

Chenle is the protagonist of his own coming-of-age film in this luxuriously sweet photoshoot by Mok Jung-Wook. In this digital magazine issue of ELLE Idol, the 20-year-old granted us an eternal summer feeling with looks put together by Ryu Si-hyuk.


Summer 2021 is full of bright colors and bold prints, with Chenle wearing a $360 oversized knit sweater from AMI Paris and pairing it with floral print jeans by Marni. He was also featured wearing Marni’s spray-painted cardigan. Contrasting the bright looks, Chenle wore a monochromatic black Valentino hoodie. 


Fans Fall in Love

Showing off his handsome visuals, fans took their excitement to social media to rave over his first solo photoshoot.

Fans couldn’t get enough of his summer “boy next door” look.

Many agreed that Chenle has grown up well, but were left wondering where the time has gone.


Staying in the Present

Having been a star from a young age, Chenle is often asked what he would do differently if he could go back in time. He told ELLE Idol, “No matter when in the past you go back to, it’ll never be as good as the present.” Comparing his life to a video game, Chenle is happy with focusing on the level he’s at now, “I’m 20 now, so I’m at level 20. I’ve reached this high, why go back?” 

Along with reminiscing on how far he’s come, he reminded fans to remain present in their own lives, “While you like us, you must do your own things well, we are only one part of you, not your all.” Although busy with schedules, Chenle chose health as his number one priority, “Health is most important, nothing is more important than health.” 

As NCT continues to make its rounds in the fashion world, fans are eager to see what comes next from the members. As magazine cover stars, fashion show guests, and brand ambassadors, NCT’s future is looking bright as they dive headfirst into their own fashion endeavors. 

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Photos courtesy of Elle Idol.