Power Vocalist, Award-Winning Actor, Musical Rookie, Style Icon, a jack of all trades, NCT’s Doyoung has had a lot going on in 2021. With a rising career and multiple accolades, the idol recently added yet another item to his growing list of projects. Lending his voice for the OST of Yumi’s Cells, Doyoung continues to shine like a star. 


Yumi’s Cells

Based on the webtoon of the same name, Yumi’s Cells is a romance drama currently airing on tvN. It tells the story of Yumi (Kim Go-eun) through the lens of—yes you guessed it right​​—her cells. The show opens up with Yumi experiencing a failed relationship that sends her love cells into a coma. On the other hand, Goo Woong, portrayed by Ahn Bo Hyun, is a straightforward game developer who meets Yumi through a friend. Their meeting might be able to awaken Yumi’s cells, but will that be enough to keep them both together?

We don’t know yet. What’s for sure is that Yumi and Go Woong’s first meeting in the second episode became a memorable one. Powered by beautiful vocals that filled viewers with “thrill and excitement,” the scene accurately portrayed the feeling of being struck by love. 



Like a Star

After listening to the song playing in the background, viewers speculated online about who the person singing was. It didn’t take long before netizens found out the voice belonged to none other than NCT’s Doyoung. The song, “Like a Star,” is a pop ballad that has been used for “each decisive moment” between the main characters.




Although the drama offered previews of the song on previous episodes, “Like a Star” was officially released on October 1. Through this project, Doyoung has joined a lineup of famous musicians lending their voices for the OST of Yumi’s Cells.  The list includes Red Velvet’s Wendy, John Park, and Black Skirt. According to Korean media outlets, the song is a gift for the audience as it is expected to provide a pleasant experience for those who watch the show. 



Fans Love It

Following the release of “Like a Star,” reactions from Doyoung fans flooded in. Receiving positive reviews, the OST quickly became a trending topic on Twitter. 




Doyoung’s Rising Star

Breaking music records with NCT 127 and testing the waters in different industries, Doyoung’s star is just rising. In 2021 alone, the idol took the stage on the musical “Marie Antoinette,” made waves with his acting debut, and participated in a number of musical collaborations. So far, his efforts have paid off, so it is safe to assume there’s a lot more in store for Doyoung. With a confirmed appearance on the TV show Kkokomu, we are sure Doyoung will continue to greet fans through different activities in the future. 


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