Amid record-breaking comebacks, a surprising fashion world takeover, and solo activities, 2021 has turned into one of the most successful years for NCT and its 23 members. In particular, the group’s vocalist, Doyoung has been under the limelight with anticipated acting debuts and music collaborations. The singer has undoubtedly made 2021 his year by kicking off his acting career and expanding across fields. Adding to a long list of achievements, on August 22, he also became an award-winning actor at the 2021 Seoul Webfest.


Cafe Midnight Season 3–The Curious Stalker

At the beginning of the year, Doyoung made his small screen debut on the third installment of the web drama Cafe Midnight: The Curious Stalker. As part of the main cast, Doyoung played Son Ji Woo, a high school student who is given the chance to look into the future. On his first acting gig, Doyoung captured the hearts of viewers with a sweet story about teenage struggles and family love. Additionally, Doyoung lent his voice to sing “Night Air,” the OST of the drama. 



Award Nomination 

Prior to his musical debut in the EMK production, “Marie Antoinette,” Doyoung landed his first nomination for an acting award. In July, the nominations for the Seoul Webfest Awards 2021 were revealed. Alongside other 14 talented artists, Doyoung was listed in the Best Actor category. Actors like Joe Folau (Brutal Lives), Kyle Card (The Benza), and Rudi Baker (Paramedics) were among the international nominees. Meanwhile, Cafe Midnight Season 3 – The Curious Stalker was nominated in three categories: Branded Series, Best Director, and Best Web Series.


Doyoung, Best Actor

In a continuation of this career-defining year, on the last day of the 2021 Seoul Webfest, Doyoung —figuratively— took home one of the two awards for Best Actor. The second prize went to Joe Folau for his performance in the New Zealand web series, Brutal Lives.



In a world where social media reigns supreme, fans immediately found out about the news, taking to the internet to congratulate the idol on this massive achievement. 



It’s Doyoung’s World And We Are Just Living In It

Doyoung, who’s scheduled to participate in NCT 127’s comeback in September, has been active as a musical actor. Taking the role of Hans Axel von Fersen, the idol received positive reviews from critics and theater-goers on his debut. In addition to his acting forays, the vocalist of NCT recently participated in the single “Maniac,” a music collaboration with fellow member, Haechan, produced by Ryan Jhun. 



Praised by industry professionals and loved by fans, Doyoung’s meteoric rise is just starting. As the singer continues to challenge himself across different fields, it appears inevitable that he will also continue to grow his star power and add new milestones to his career. 


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