Shop for Change With These Fashion Brands Advocating for Mental Health


Fashion for a cause often reveals a side of the industry that is less sensationalized in the media. Because the fashion world is often seen as competitive and cutthroat, it is all the more important to talk about mental health. Many prominent figures and companies have taken the initiative to do so through their work. Whether it be through a new line or an entire label, these efforts are beginning a much-needed evaluation of the role style plays in self-care. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, EnVi is highlighting a selection of brands that have shown their commitment to advocacy.


Healers X Staydium


With his parents who work in the clothing business, Kard’s Big Matthew, or “BM,” began Staydium, a label dedicated to creating stylish and comfortable wear meant for movement. Since the brand’s establishment in 2019, BM has been creating clothing lines to raise awareness and funds for important issues. After the success of his first project, BTG, BM returned with Healers. The collection is dedicated to people who have faced hate and abuse, similar to the song he wrote for Kard’s latest release, “Gunshot.” Items in the campaign include t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatpants. As a result of the line’s success, over $10,000 was donated to Stomp Out Bullying, a foundation working to prevent harassment and advocate for victims of bullying.




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In addition to its devotion to sustainability, Swedish fashion brand Monki is also outspoken about many social issues, especially those that affect women. Its work to spread awareness for mental health includes its self-love campaign with Camilla Engström. Many of its pieces reflect the brand’s focus on mental health, featuring positive and encouraging messages on them. 


Stay Wear


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With pieces often featuring mantras like “Stay Kind” and the delta symbol (representing change), clothing label Stay hopes to inspire conversations about mental health. Taking the conversation online, the brand invites people to find and share what makes them stay with its signature shirt and hashtag, “#IChooseToStay.” To help continue the momentum, Stay donates 10% of its profits to organizations like the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. 




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Beginning with its pledge to donate a pair of shoes for every pair sold, footwear company Toms has a long history of charity efforts. Currently, the brand is teaming up with grassroots organizations whose missions align with Toms and its consumers. Its campaigns are often by, and for, local communities, ensuring that resources reach those in need. This is especially important as Toms’ current mission is to fight for equity, prioritizing three causes to do so, one of which is mental health. In 2020, the company also began a giving fund to raise money for necessities needed during the COVID-19 pandemic, including access to mental health resources.




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Since 2017, Madhappy has aimed to create a more optimistic world. The brand aims to open a dialogue about the perception of mental health through the community they have built with The Local Optimist, a resource and hotline for those who are struggling. Madhappy’s designs are intended to carry a special message, meant for each individual to perceive on their own. The April 2021 collection was centered on the outdoors and the benefits it can have on one’s health. Throughout the month of May, Mental Health Awareness Month, the Madhappy team will be featuring stories, interviews, and helpful guides on their blog, The Local Optimist.

To be a conscious consumer, it is important to know what values the brands you support stand for and promote. During a time where activists are rallying to advocate for mental health awareness and resources, one way to show solidarity is to opt for organizations that encourage healthy lifestyles all around – giving a new meaning to “retail therapy.”

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Thumbnail by @GTroubleArtist. Images courtesy of Madhappy, Staydium, and Monki.