Happy Friday! Another week finished also means brand new music to usher in the weekend. In the latest installment of our new For You Friday series, Team EnVi is here to roundup this week’s hottest releases just for you. Oh, and we’ve got a playlist for you to listen along with too!

“One More Time” – BBGirls

BBGirls have made a show-stopping debut with their first track “ONE MORE TIME” under their new name. The song is an instant ear worm with the repeating lyrics of “give it to me baby” in the chorus. The flashy track is a call back to 80s dance funk classic “Give It To Me Baby” by Rick James. BBGirl’s take away the horns and guitar prevalent in James’ version and instead add in a modern and relevant EDM production for a more K-pop twist. 

BB Girl’s triumphant return comes two years after their sleeper hit “Rollin’” went viral across South Korea in 2021 and just six months after what was thought to be their disbandment. However, the group just shed its old skin so they could return under new management, delighting their fans across the globe. 

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“Angel” – Halle Bailey

This year undeniably is Halle Bailey’s breakout year. Months after she starred in the theatrical, live action version of Disney’s The Little Mermaid, she has also released her long-awaited solo music. Usually one half of the sister duo CHLOE X HALLE, the pair has taken a hiatus to release independent projects. Halle has teased that her music was “on it’s way” earlier this year but now, with a ton of new  mermaid-loving fans in tow, the day has finally come.

“Angel” is a love letter to Black girls everywhere and by extension to Halle herself. With lyrics like “Black girl with the Black girl hair / took a little sunkiss just to look like this / God-sent you’re an angel” Bailey seems to allude to the intense racial harrassment she received since the news of her Ariel casting was announced. The song is a mid-tempo, R&B track prominently featuring a piano that lends itself to the angelic vibe the song is named for. Bailey’s critically acclaimed, floaty vocals and captivating melodies serve to take the more generic sounding production to heavenly levels. As the first taste of what to expect from her solo career, Bailey plays it safe but in a way that is comfortable to her longtime fans. Known for her duality, it’s hard to pinpoint what sound is in store for her upcoming debut solo album. 
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Fresh, fun, and fitting for waning summer days, K-pop group XEED has returned with their latest title track, “BLUE.” Members DOHA, BAO, and JAEMIN, are joined by two new members—SHUN and UO. Making a splashing debut with the summery track, SHUN and UO are pleasant additions to XEED.

“BLUE” is an upbeat pop track fueled by electronic elements, resulting in a refreshing summer hit. The music video depicts the trio DOHA, BAO, and JAEMIN finding their new members, SHUN and UO. Together, the quintet embarks on an adventure that is filled with nature, flowy choreography, and dashing smiles from each member. XEED’s latest mini album, BLUE, signifies a new beginning for the K-pop group and will surely have fans eagerly awaiting more content.

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“Muñekita” – Kali Uchis (featuring JT & El Alfa)

Kali Uchis is back, baby! And this time she brought city girl JT and dembrow legend El Alfa with her for the ultimate collaboration “Muñekita.” The track is in typical Kali Uchis fashion, fast-paced, upbeat, and perfect for dancing while out having fun. Multiple times throughout the song the production slows the beat down that recalls some of the production of favorite hit songs in the past that make you want to get on your feet. 

The lyrics are cheeky and in your face, as expected from the three no-nonsense artists. One highlight of the song comes at the end of JT’s all English verse where she raps, “Sana, sana, colita de rana b**ch,” referencing a Spanish phrase that is usually used to comfort hurt kids. JT’s sarcastic manner paired with the expletive, gives the nice phrase an edge that has Kali audibly laughing on the track. 
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“Resolution/Revolution” – The Linda Lindas

“There is no resolution / this is a revolution / me and you, we’re just playing the long game.” The Linda Lindas come out swinging in the newest release “Resolution/Revolution.” The all girl rock band hails straight from Los Angeles, California and has taken the world by storm. In the year since the release of their debut album Growing Up, the quartet — age 18 to 12 — have made their wildest dreams come true. Opening up for Paramore (yes that’s right) on their This Is Why tour across the US this summer and securing a spot in the lineups of Coachella and Lollapalooza, the band drops the track in the middle of their busiest year yet. 

Seemingly a catchy commentary on the state of society today, the band juxtaposes it with an upbeat sound reminiscent of new wave artists like The B-52’s. “We’re so small but we stand tall / right the wrongs and sing along” is sung towards the end as a call to action to not only their generation but to us all.
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“DO or DIE” – xikers

After their attention-demanding debut in March of this year, K-pop boy group xikers show no sign of slowing down. The 10-member powerhouse have come back with their second EP, HOUSE OF TRICKY : HOW TO PLAY, continuing the tale from

their first mini album. 

One of the two title tracks from the album is “DO or DIE”—an energetic, early 00s pop-punk influenced song. Full of distorted vocal effects, a driving electric guitar line, and boisterous yelling from the young men, “DO or DIE” captures xikers’ commanding nature through a new genre. 
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“Love U Like That” – Lauv

American singer-songwriter, Lauv, has returned with his latest single, “Love U Like That,” which is a testament to diving into love. Powered by dreamlike synths, twinkly effects, and a steady drumbeat, “Love U Like That” sonically captures the essence of romance. While others tiptoe cautiously while guarding their hearts, Lauv embraces the whirlwind of emotions that come with loving someone. The sweet instrumental drops off as he acknowledges, “Oh my god, oh my god / You could really tear me apart, but / I love you like that.”

“Love U Like That” also marks the beginning of a new era for the pop artist, as he teased on social media that there is more to look forward to from him. 

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