French luxury jeweler Cartier continues to grow its celebrity associations. On May 23, the house welcomed BLACKPINK member Jisoo as its newest brand ambassador and face of the Panthère collection. 

Jisoo Joins the Panthére Tribe

BLACKPINK’s singer and up-and-coming actress, Jisoo has established herself as one of the most recognized international stars among French luxury brands. In her latest association, the multitalented star partnered with the storied house of Cartier as the brand’s new ambassador. Joining the Panthère tribe — as the ambassadors of the Panthère collection are dubbed — Jisoo is consolidating her status as one of the most influential stars in the world of fashion. 

For her presentation as a Cartier Panthère, Jisoo was photographed wearing a black suit, accessorized with a watch, two bracelets, and a necklace from the Panthère collection. In a press release, the singer expressed her excitement about joining the ranks of the French brand.  ​​“I’m so glad to be a part of Cartier’s grand journey. It’s truly an honour and pleasure for me to join the Panthère tribe, where everyone proves their strength of character. I can’t wait to share Panthère’s great beauty with everyone.”

Photo courtesy of Cartier

Additionally, Arnaud Carrez, Senior Vice President of the brand explained why Jisoo makes the perfect addition to the house. “When we wanted to embody the magnetic aura of the panther, our attention was instinctively drawn to Jisoo. With her self-assured style, she is the voice of a new generation of creatives who dare to show their different talents. She is an artist who takes on her role with great creative freedom, never limiting herself,” he said.

Panthère de Cartier 

A longtime symbol of the Maison, ​​Panthère is a reflection of Cartier’s savoir-faire. First introduced in 1914, through a bracelet watch, the panther skin motif and other representations of the animal have grown to become an emblem of the jewelry brand. Throughout the years, the elegant pieces of the Panthère line—in particular, its watches—have turned into coveted items worn by celebrities such as Madonna, Dua Lipa, and Zendaya.

With a long history and described as “magnetic, feline, and free,” Panthère embodies power and independence. It comes as no surprise that Cartier has chosen boundary-pushing stars of the likes of Annabelle Wallis, Ella Balinska, Yasmine Sabri, Mariacarla Boscono, and Chang Chen to represent the emblematic collection. Jisoo joins the group, further proving to be one of the most sought-after fashion icons of the new generation.

Jisoo’s Cartier History

Jisoo’s announcement as part of the Panthère tribe is the peak of the star’s friendship with the French brand. In the past, the singer joined fellow Dior ambassador, Sehun, for a local project promoting Pasha de Cartier. The association was received positively, earning plenty of attention from fans and luxury fashion enthusiasts across the globe. The results of the team-up were palpable. Last year the market intelligence platform NetBase Quid released a report with data from 2020 that revealed that Cartier —alongside Bugari — had become the most mentioned jewelry brand on social media. The marketing company remarked that the Parisian Maison experienced “massive exposure” and spikes in mentions due to the friendship with Jisoo.

Considering she has already set a high bar for this association, Jisoo is set to make waves in her role as Cartier’s ambassador. As we anticipate more of this deluxe partnership, you can read everything about Jisoo’s journey as an actress here.