Jungkook of K-pop superpower BTS is Calvin Klein’s newest global ambassador. The announcement was accompanied by the release of a new campaign featuring staples from the brand’s Spring 2023 collections. With the new partnership, Jungkook will be officially representing Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein Underwear.

Jungkook x Calvin Klein

On March 27, Calvin Klein teased the collaboration on Instagram with a video that featured Jungkook. Following the uproar sparked by the short video — which trended worldwide on Twitter, as fans immediately recognized the K-pop star  — Calvin Klein officially announced the appointment on March 28.

A series of photos, shot by Park Jong Ha, showed Jungkook wearing pieces from Calvin Klein’s latest collections. The accompanying video, also directed by Park, featured Jungkook in action shots, close-ups of his face, and even in a grooving session, all while wearing brand pieces. His head-to-toe Calvin Klein outfits highlighted pieces from the label, including the 90s Straight denim and Body Jeans and Relaxed Fit Standard Logo Crewneck Tee.

Photo courtesy of Calvin Klein. Photography by Park Jong Ha

Calvin Klein’s Global Chief Marketing Officer, Jonathan Bottomley, shared his excitement about the new partnership. “Jungkook is one of the world’s most popular artists; he possesses a rare ability to connect with international audiences through both his music and his style,” he said. The sentiment is shared by enthusiastic fans around the world, who continue to celebrate the news on social media.

BTS’ youngest member has also expressed his eagerness to connect with fans through his partnership with Calvin Klein. “I’m incredibly excited for people to see a new side of me in this first campaign for the brand,” Jungkook said about the recently released shoot.

Photo courtesy of Calvin Klein. Photography by Park Jong Ha

What’s Next?

With Jungkook joining the Calvin Klein family just in time for their Spring 2023 collections, the budding relationship promises exciting content for ARMY in the future. As the members of BTS explore individual ventures, including solo music, tours, and fashion partnerships, there is limitless potential for their new creative endeavors. Fans can look forward to seeing everything that the seven-member ensemble has to offer in the coming months, including Jungkook’s upcoming projects with Calvin Klein.

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