Gucci’s latest collection, Love Parade, was deeply rooted in the idea of Hollywood glamor and stardom. It only makes sense that the Italian fashion house has created a matching campaign. Starring house ambassadors and friends, Lee Jung Jae, Deng Lun, Jared Leto, Miley Cyrus, Snoop Dogg, Beanie Feldstein, and Liu Wen, Gucci celebrates “the ritual of the banquet.”

As The Dream Begins, We Are In Here

Set in the chiaroscuro of a club, Gucci’s campaign portrays the A-list cast as they slide into the “Dionysiac ritual of dancing.” Photographed by Mert & Marcus, under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele, the Italian house presents a tribute to cinema. “Through a sequence of obsessions and desires,” Gucci throws a hedonistic dinner party that soon transforms into a wild party. 

“I thought about how my mother raised me as a devout worshiper of beauty. About the gift of dreaming, which I cannot go without. About the aura of cinema, which generates mythologies,” said Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s Creative Director, to explain the inspiration behind the campaign.

Gucci Love Parade

Marking Gucci’s return to in-person events, Gucci Love Parade took place in November last year. An homage to Gucci’s legacy, the collection presented more than 100 looks, modeled by—among others—figures of Hollywood royalty. It was a suitable cast considering the runway shut down Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles and was attended by pop culture icons. 

“Hollywood is the American Olympus,” Alessandro Michele said, about the location for the show. “This was me embracing again the love of my work and how much of this brand is bound to cinema,” he told WWD. The collection was that exactly, an ode to Hollywood idols and American culture.

Gucci Goes Global 

As previously reported, in 2021, Gucci dabbled into the capsule collection trend and expanded its focus in Asia. Whether it is taking its fashion shows to China or opening flagships stores in Seoul, the brand has strengthened its efforts to connect with “young affluents in Asian markets.” So far, the Italian powerhouse has experienced a major social media boost through the latest campaigns and collections.

With the global popularity of Hallyu on the rise, Gucci has tapped several Korean celebrities to represent the brand as Global Ambassadors. In addition to EXO member, and fashion icon, KAI, actors Lee Jung Jae and Shin Min Ah caught the attention of the luxury house. Likewise, in October last year, Gucci announced that the Chinese actor Xiao Zhan would be joining the house as an official ambassador, joining stars like Chris Lee, Luhan, and NiNi.

As Asian celebrities continue to take over the world, we can expect more opportunities for them to take the global stage through fashion campaigns. In the meantime, you can read more about Italian fashion houses in EnVi’s Guide to Marni through Mark Lee.