NCT’s Jaehyun has sent the internet into complete uproar once again in the name of Prada. On December 6, GQ Korea dropped a 15-second teaser, followed by a fashion film released on December 7, featuring the singer modeling the new Holiday 2021 collection. Donned in Prada from head-to-toe, Jaehyun captures the elegance and simplicity that the renowned luxury fashion brand is known for. 

The Looks 

During the teaser video, Jaehyun takes on the role of a fashion model as he struts in and out of a white room, proving that no place is too ordinary for it to become your runway. The teaser, posted on GQ Korea’s Instagram, highlights Jaehyun in two sleek outfits put together by stylist Kim Sea Jun, featuring items from the brand’s newest collection for the holiday season. The first look consists of the eye-catching single-breasted sequined fabric jacket paired with a black brushed leather bolo tie. The second one, a more subdued but equally powerful look, features their silk turtleneck sweater, wool and re-nylon shirt, and studded cotton shirt in a layered look that is perfect for celebrating the holidays during the colder winter months. Topped off with the brushed leather bolo tie and the Brique leather bag in silver, these accessories become the main points that give the look a festive touch. 

Prada's Single-Breasted Sequined Fabric Jacket

Single-Breasted Sequined Fabric Jacket


Prada's Brushed Leather Bolo Tie (Black)

Brushed Leather Bolo Tie (Black)


Prada's Silk Turtleneck Sweater

Silk Turtleneck Sweater


Prada's White Studded Cotton Shirt

White Studded Cotton Shirt


Prada's Black and Re-Nylon Shirt

Black and Re-Nylon Shirt


Prada's Silver Prada Brique Leather Bag

Silver Prada Brique Leather Bag


Prada's Brushed Leather Bolo Tie (Silver)

Brushed Leather Bolo Tie (Silver)


The More You Watch, The More You Want to Know

As powerful as the mere 15-second long video was, it was only the beginning. The teaser video, as the name explains, teases more JAEHYUN x PRADA content to come by announcing a full-fledged fashion film that dropped the next day on December 7. Captioned with the phrase “the more you watch, the more you want to know,” it was only the start of what both fashion enthusiasts and NCTzens could expect from the idol for the holiday collection. 

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Roll Up To The Party In Style

The fashion film was posted on GQ Korea’s Instagram on December 7, twenty-four hours after the release of the initial teaser video. In the 50-second long film, Jaehyun is wearing the two looks previously shown in the teaser, as well as an additional outfit at the end featuring the holiday collection’s navy silk polo shirt. With the powerful imagery of Jaehyun sporting these looks with various props like black flowers, a black motorcycle, and walking a beautiful black labrador-retriever named Ggambo, it would not be hard to forgive him for being fashionably late to any party this December.

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Navy Silk Polo Shirt


Breaking the Internet

From the moment the initial 15-second teaser dropped, Jaehyun has sent the entire internet into a frenzy. With both the teaser video and the fashion film collectively gaining over 124k views on Instagram and counting, fans are loving every single second of it. Following the content release, fans proceeded to trend JAEHYUN X PRADA on Twitter, ranking it as the 42nd highest trending topic worldwide. Needless to say, NCTzens are more than ecstatic that they get to see this fashionable side of Jaehyun again.

To The (Fashion) World, Here is JAEHYUN

2021 was a big year for Jaehyun establishing himself in the fashion world. Gaining the attention of famous luxury brands such as Burberry, Tom Ford, and of course, Prada, he has increasingly caught the fashion industry’s eye. With milestones like being the first celebrity ever to broadcast Prada’s S/S 2022 collection live on his Instagram during Milan Fashion Week, it is no question that the demand to work closely with the idol is ever-present.

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