Another Milan Fashion Week came and went but well-established Italian powerhouses remained at the top of Media Impact Value™ (MIV®) rankings. According to initial data from the software and data company Launchmetrics — which monitors all four major Fashion Weeks — Prada, Gucci and Versace were the most impactful brands at the event.

Launchmetrics’ data also indicates that K-pop stars were some of the most notable attendants at Milan Fashion Week, carrying on a trend that has seen celebrities from the Asia Pacific region at the center of fashion conversations.  

Below, find a breakdown of the preliminary data.

Top Post at Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week is one of the most important fashion events to take place in Italy — its latest edition was anticipated to create an economic impact of 70 million euros in the city. As such, the seven-day spectacle reunited some of the most important and promising names in fashion, with 161 physical and digital presentations taking place in the official calendar. According to Launchmetrics, Milan Fashion Week tallied a total of $187.3 million in MIV® —  $162.9 million came from social media, while $24.4 million originated online.

Further proving his status as one of the most relevant names associated with Prada, K-pop star Jaehyun was responsible for the top post at Milan Fashion Week. Despite being physically absent at the event, Jaehyun’s publication promoting Prada’s Fall Winter 2024 show amassed $1.3 million in MIV®. The K-pop star, who is a member of the group NCT, shared the pictures on his personal social media channels. 

Top celebrity and influencer at Milan Fashion Week

With three different members (Jeno, Doyoung and Jungwoo) attending shows in the official calendar, K-pop group NCT rose as the top celebrity at Milan Fashion Week. The group, which shared a total of nine posts related to Milan Fashion Week on its official social media account garnered $6.2 million in MIV®. The most notable publication (so far) captures member Jeno meeting Ferragamo’s creative director Maximilian Davis. 

Following a trend that saw Latin American names slowly rise among notable guests at New York Fashion Week, the top influencer was the Brazilian blogger Thássia Naves. During the tracking period, the fashion blogger accrued $695K in MIV®.

Brand Ranking at Milan Fashion Week 

Tapping into the glamour and heritage that Italian fashion is known for, Milan Fashion Week showcased craftsmanship and high quality on the runways. The brand ranking was topped by well-established Italian houses: Prada, Gucci and Versace. 

Top Brands: Prada 

Consistently emerging as the top brand at Milan Fashion Week, Prada is arguably one of the most coveted shows across international Fashion Weeks. Just as conversations about girlhood in fashion started to wind down, Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons presented a collection that reinterpreted — in Prada’s terms — the viral bow taking over fashion in 2023. The show placed Prada at the top of the brand ranking this season. 

Logically, as the top post at Milan Fashion Week, Jaehyun’s Instagram publication was also the best-performing post associated with Prada. As a well-known ambassador and campaign star, the K-pop singer has notably contributed to the brand’s Media Impact Value™ for several seasons.

Meanwhile, the top influencer post was authored by Charli D’Amelio who generated $366K in MIV® with an Instagram publication.

Top Brands: Gucci

With Sabato de Sarno at the helm, Gucci has sparked renewed attention. The designer presented his second womenswear collection in front of a star-studded audience. The chic offerings placed Gucci in the second spot of the brand ranking. 

The top post related to the brand belonged to Mexican actress Salma Hayek Pinault, who gathered $534K in MIV® with an Instagram carousel. On the other hand, the top post on Gucci’s owned media was a TikTok video that showed models backstage as they displayed Gucci’s newest bag designs. The publication garnered $330K in MIV®. 


New handbags from GucciFW24. #MFW

♬ suono originale – Gucci

Top Brands: Versace 

With a focus on glamorous power dressing and exploring rebellion, Versace’s Fall Winter 2024 show situated the brand in third place in the MIV-generating brand raking. The brand was also responsible for the top post on any brand’s owned media (own social media channels) at Milan Fashion Week. The publication in question collected pictures of front-row attendants including brand ambassador Hyunjin, Spanish singer Aitana and Pinoy sweetheart Heart Evangelista, among others. The carousel of pictures generated $600K in MIV®. 

The top celebrity post related to the brand was posted on K-pop group aespa’s Instagram account and garnered $406K. 

Between Italian design power and K-pop

Launchmetrics’ initial data, which was monitored between February 19 and February 28, sheds light on the most impactful brands and guests at the event. So far, the figures suggest that Italian brands traditionally dominating the country’s fashion landscape remain at the top of the game with collections and partnerships that maximize their visibility. 

The data also serves as evidence of the power that K-pop stars have garnered in fashion spaces over the years. As Alison Bringé, CMO of Launchmetrics, has previously shared with EnVi, the increasing number of K-pop stars making waves at fashion events corresponds to “Brands partnering with South Korean celebrities more regularly when it comes to brand ambassadorships or fashion week appearances. Consumers are seeking inspiration beyond their own borders and so brands see global artists, such as K-pop stars, as strategic Voices, which have a remarkable ability to influence global, dedicated audiences while bringing cultural relevance.”

*Author’s Note: This is a preliminary report. More data is forecasted to be released.

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