Cancer is the fourth astrological sign of the Western zodiac, and it occurs when the sun travels through its constellation from June 21 to July 22 each year.

Along with Scorpio and Pisces, Cancer is one of the three water signs of the zodiac. Water signs are sensitive people who are characterized by their deep and intense emotional auras. Like the water element, these signs experience high tides and intense waves of emotion that make them value their connections very deeply. It is typical of water signs to channel their emotions through artistic expression, and they are quite creative and romantic. 

The Crab symbolizes Cancer and represents the sign’s tenacity and vulnerability. Traits specific to Cancer include their sentimentality, emotional depth, loyalty, and love of romance. Cancers tend to be more reserved and socialize with a small group that they are committed to and have deep connections with. This sign is known for being a homebody and collecting items of sentimental value. They are also the most romantic sign of the zodiac and wear their hearts on their sleeves. Physically, Cancers typically have soft features that make them appear gentle and endearing. Their faces are typically round and very expressive.

To celebrate Cancer season, EnVi is highlighting five Cancer K-pop idols. 

Seohyun – Girls’ Generation

In a recent instagram post, Seohyun celebrated her 32nd birthday with a large bouquet of flowers. In true Cancer fashion, Seohyun’s round face is paired with gentle features that give her a cute and romantic essence. She embraces her features in her personal style as well, typically sporting light pastel colors that enhance her soft appearance.

Seohyun’s sentimental nature can be seen through her YouTube channel where she shares vlogs documenting moments from her life. In the teaser for the channel, text appears declaring “Seohyun’s Memory.” The channel is a digital scrapbook where the idol will share her cherished memories. Seohyun is in charge of the creative direction of her channel, showcasing her artistic expression. A fan commented acknowledging the idol’s skill’s stating “Seohyun keeps improving from time to time with camera angle, editing skill, the [background music] even the adorable transition she drew herself.”


Following SEVENTEEN’s 8th anniversary, Wonwoo shared a heartfelt video on his Instagram, affectionately captioned “사랑하는 사람들과.” In English, the caption translates to “With loved ones.” The sentimental post features his fellow members during the “Follow” tour earlier this year. It is clear that Wonwoo looks back fondly on his time with the group and on tour. Cancers love to show appreciation for the special people in their lives, often through creative means, such as Wonwoo’s nostalgic and whimsy  in the video below.

The 26-year-old’s sentimentality can also be felt through his love for photography. Capturing moments on film is a creative way to savor meaningful and emotional moments. Wonwoo often takes very warm photos — and sometimes in black and white, as seen below. The photos are very romantic in nature and pay homage to the idol’s loved ones and favorite memories.

Lia – ITZY 

In preparation for ITZY’s upcoming comeback, the group has released several concept photos. Despite the edgier concept, Lia’s cute and round features shine through and give her a softer edge. The idol’s gentle appearance, paired with her bright smile, gives her a loveable presence. Her styling is pastel-themed with light pinks and blues to bring out her gentleness.

In a recent vlog, Lia documents her time on holiday, as she relaxes and spends time with loved ones. During a meal with a long time friend, Lia showcases polaroids of her friends celebrating their graduation. Notably, the two went to school together but couldn’t graduate together. However, they still wanted to commemorate the milestone together anyway with their own photoshoot. “We went to the same school but we couldn’t graduate together. So at least like this, we celebrated graduation,” Lia explains. This small gesture shows her loyalty and sentimental approach to milestones in her life.

Taeyong – NCT 127

In 2022, Taeyong collaborated with Wonstein on “Love Theory”. Written by Taeyong himself, the song details the thoughts of a hopeless romantic falling in love and trying to navigate their emotions. Lyrics from the chorus include “I think I’m fallin’ in you deeply and slowly… I need a love dictionary. I need a love thеory. I need you.” These love sick rambles show the joy of falling in love. The music video depicts Taeyong imagining the face of his love everywhere he goes. Through the single, fans saw the vulnerable, romantic side of Taeyong. 

Recently, the 28-year-old was spotted recreating his childhood photos at a fan event. Taeyong seemed bashful about the nostalgia. Cancers sentimentality often manifests in an affinity for their youth, and Taeyong seemingly looked back fondly at those images on stage. Taeyong maintains the round cute features from his younger days, with the same cute and gentle demeanor.

SWAN – Purple Kiss

Swan made her solo debut this year with the album Twenty. The idol explains, “It’s an album filled with the paradoxical and complex emotions of fear and excitement that I felt while looking at my twenties.”  Recently turning 20 herself, Swan’s personal connection to the album’s concept shines through her vocals and visuals. Her expressiveness and gentle features portray the emotional dynamics of melancholy and joy in a tender way.

While promoting her debut, Swan has befriended other idols and gifted them her album. NMIXX’s Sullyoon showed fans the album and expressed her gratitude for Swan’s kind gesture. Swan has also been seen interacting with fans during her promotions and interacting with fans to show her appreciation.

Are You Compatible with Cancer?

Cancers are typically most compatible with their fellow water signs, Scorpio and Pisces. Their emotional understanding makes it easy for them to understand one another. They also mesh well with earth signs (Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus) because of their grounded nature.
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Are You a Cancer? 

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