In honor of Pisces season, EnVi is highlighting six Pisces K-pop idols. For those who are unfamiliar with astrology, Pisces season is from February 18 to March 20. They are a water sign and symbolized by two fish. They are also the last constellation of the zodiac. 

This water sign is characterized by their compassion and sensitivity. Pisces are deeply emotional, are especially empathetic people, and are known to prioritize caring for others at all costs. These traits make them very generous and loving; however, it also means they can be naive and neglect themselves. Additionally, Pisces are incredibly creative and tend to be musically gifted individuals.


SUGA of BTS is a musically gifted individual, which is common among Pisces. He has demonstrated his rapping, songwriting, and producing skills throughout his time in BTS and his solo career under the stage name Agust D. In addition to his musical prowess, SUGA is also thoughtful and generous towards those in his life, like when he prepared a cake j-hope, a fellow BTS member. Fans have noted his consistent acts of kindness towards his members and willingness to share his musical talent with his peers.

Ten – NCT

NCT’s Ten always listens closely to what those around him are saying, consistently showing his sensitive side. He is quick to correct any negative comments the members make about themselves or others, often providing wise words and perspective. Ten’s demeanor is also very true to the gentle and loving essence of Pisces. He moves with caution and care as he interacts with others such as struggling to fight with his sparring partner out of fear of hurting him.

Yeri –  Red Velvet

Yeri is the youngest member, or maknae, of Red Velvet and can often be seen being doted on by her fellow members. However, the Pisces in Yeri compels her to return this love and care to her members through thoughtful gestures and words of wisdom. For example, while out at a souvenir store, Yeri bought matching couple rings for the members of Red Velvet. The thoughtful gesture touched her members and even made Joy tear up.

Beomgyu – TXT

Beomgyu is the visual and mood-maker in TXT. He is quite silly but also very earnest in his interactions with his members and those around him. True to Pisces, Beomgyu is always looking out for the well-being and health of his members, such as reminding them to take care of themselves. Fans have noticed his care and compassion, inspiring them to make compilations of his acts of kindness, including caring gestures like cheering on a backup dancer during a stage for “Blue Hour.”


Jihoon is one of the leaders in TREASURE, and despite his initially rigid demeanor, he is very loving and generous towards his members. Like fellow Pisces, Jihoon puts others before himself and makes sure his members get a chance to shine, even if that means making sacrifices himself. He is truly a father figure in the group—someone who always quietly takes care of his members and tries to make them laugh. He can be seen paying attention to the little details and helping his members during their stages. If something goes wrong, the members can rely on Jihoon as a leader.


Sakura is the oldest member of LE SSERAFIM. She has a gentle, soft-spoken demeanor but, in the essence of Pisces, is quick to provide wisdom and insight to her members. It is in her nature to quietly help and assist those around her without looking for praise or recognition. Recently, Sakura went viral for her wise words to a fan during an episode of a radio broadcast with DJ Bae Seong Jae. During the broadcast, Sakura offered wise words to a fan struggling with a difficult co-worker. She responded saying, “[T]he answer is clear. That’s his will to do that. This person doesn’t want to change. He has no will to change.” Sakura’s advice gained a lot of attention for her honesty and wisdom, key traits of a Pisces, when trying to help this viewer.

Are You Compatible with Pisces?

Pisces are most compatible with fellow water signs Cancer and Scorpio because of their similar emotional nature. The compassionate Pisces also tend to gravitate towards earth signs like Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus because they are grounded.

Fire signs and air signs typically do not mix well with Pisces because they prefer peace and calm rather than the upbeat and out there persona of fire and air signs. 

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Are You a Pisces?

Celebrate your sun sign this Pisces season with cute jewelry, accessories, and decor!

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