Astro’s Cha Eunwoo has taken a multifaceted approach to stardom. In addition to his success in the music industry, he also has a coveted career in variety shows, dramas, and modeling. Just recently, the K-pop idol released a full-length album with Astro and played a lead role in the drama True Beauty. To top things off, he became Burberry’s brand ambassador as well. Throughout all these projects, Eunwoo has been on a steady trajectory to become one of the fashion industry’s favorite idols.


Astro Projecting 

Debuting with a bright varsity look, Astro established themselves as fresh newcomers to the K-pop scene. They highlighted this youthful aesthetic with uniform-inspired outfits for “Confession.” 

In contrast to the title, “Baby” showed the group in a more mature light. While the matching outfits in the music video remained sleek and minimalistic, each member wore a designated color, matching the backgrounds of their solo scenes. Eunwoo sported a royal blue tone on a pinstriped duster.

For “Crazy Sexy Cool,” the group went with a fall chic aesthetic. Eunwoo’s layered turtleneck, button-up, and jacket. Considerably, turtlenecks tend to be a favorite among fans

In “All Night,” the group outfits stood out with tweed jackets reminiscent of Chanel. To add to the elegant effect of the material, Eunwoo’s was layered over a high-neckline blouse and embellished with brooches. 

Astro changed their tune with “Blue Flame” and opted for a darker look. Wearing black and blue shades to match the lyrics, the group took on more trend-based styles. Here, Eunwoo wore a dark, slim suit accessorized with a grommeted belt and body chain. 

While “Knock” was closer to their original style, “ONE” had the members in more experimental looks again. In particular, Eunwoo’s Raf Simons laser-cut top juxtaposed his typically polished style. Paired with bold red joggers, this outfit showed off his versatility.

Astro returned to their playful, colorful style for their latest summer track “After Midnight.” Now, five years after their debut, the group has been featured in a number of luxury fashion brands. Throughout the music video, the group wears a number of major labels from Versace to Lanvin. However, this was only the surface as the group wore a plethora of brands on stage such as Fendi, Burberry, and more.


Abroad and Adored

Eunwoo gave a different meaning to the term “airport runway” with his personal style. Elevating classic styles with statement pieces, he managed to keep it subtle yet fashion-forward. Often, Eunwoo achieved this balance by utilizing accessories, especially glasses and headwear. For example, a cozy cardigan turns into a trendy look with tinted glasses. Alternatively, a baseball cap adds to the effect of a casual chic look. 

His sense of style also allows him to make the streets of any city his own personal runway. He took fans behind the scenes of his pictorial shoot for Dazed Korea. Despite the harsh weather, the final cuts showed his professionalism. 


A Fashion Favorite 

With many accolades, it’s no surprise Eunwoo has been recognized by so many fashion brands. In addition to his partnership with Burberry, Eunwoo was a part of the BVLGARI COLORS campaign. He was invited to Louis Vuitton’s Spring-Summer 2022 show. He has also worn the label’s trainer sneakers and NBA Collection.


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But in between these glamorous shots, Eunwoo’s laid-back and personable style shines through. True to his airport style, statement eyeglasses make an appearance along with cool shades, a trusty cap, and lots of layers. Fans are also keen on the bears he wears from time to time.


Inspired by Eunwoo 

As a key player in the industry, Eunwoo’s style can inspire many fashion enthusiasts. A few takeaways from the star’s profile include timely accessories, pieces for layering, and some fun finds for personality. 

Plum Plum Sunglasses – $130

P-6 Label Trad Cap – $35

Turtleneck – $45

Elke Cotton Cardigan – $148

Polo Bear T-shirt – $148

As Eunwoo continues to gain popularity in all his different lines of work, it seems as though the fashion industry follows suit. His style is one of his many charms adored by fans and major brands as well.

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