Johnny’s Jaw Dropping Tattoo Reveal

By: Taylor Louise
Johnny Tattoo

Following yesterday’s record breaking Instagram live, NCT’s Johnny Suh decided to break fans’ hearts by posting a series of images on his personal account. In his own words, Johnny seemed “nonchalant” as he posed next to a wall of rocks, wearing casual pants and a tank top. The same could not be said for his fans, Johfam, as they were sent into overdrive after seeing his muscular arms and iconic inkings. 



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Impact of Ink

Although his bicep tattoo had previously been spied before, this was the first official reveal from Johnny, fully showing the detailed design of the piece. NCTzen were aware of his smaller sunflower tattoo,  but many had been waiting to catch a glimpse of his larger body art. 

First sighted December 27th, during NCT’s Global Wave Beyond Live, fans eagerly anticipated the full reveal of his shoulder tattoo. The post left many fans pleasantly surprised and Johfam (Johnny’s fandom name) were quick to leave comments on the post regarding the permanent artwork. A simple comment, “THE TATTOOS” racked up a whopping 1,223 likes, and another, “TATTOO REVEAL OMGOMG” reached 122 likes. 


Fan Reactions

Johfam couldn’t help but focus on the impact of Johnny’s new post, taking to other social media platforms, such as Twitter, to express their opinions on his most recent pictures. 

Some deemed Johnny’s feed as “the sexiest instagram feed”, whilst others decided to highlight how his top tier post had sent the world “plunging into chaos.” 

Although fans were happy to see him finally reveal his shoulder tattoo, some couldn’t get enough and demanded more from Johnny.

Fans everywhere were taking a hit from his uploads, some even finding it hard to breathe after seeing Johnny in his choice of sleeveless shirt. 

The post even inspired NCTzen to recreate the image in their own style of art, with Johnfam wasting no time on sharing their fanart. 


Side-Splitting Story 

Alongside his feed’s latest addition, Johnny also updated an Instagram story, which sent fans further into pandemonium. His story featured a behind-the-scenes-like snap of his post, with him climbing the mountain of rocks that were seen behind him- directly captioning the story, “The Climb”. 

Clearly deserving of its own reactions, NCTzen jumped at the chance to showcase their wittiness by sharing their comical reactions.

The Neos are getting comfortable enough to show us their body art and we can’t wait to see who joins Johnny in revealing their new ink. 

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