On June 20, BlockBerry Creative’s girl group, LOONA–consisting of members ViVi, HaSeul, Yves, JinSoul, Kim Lip, Chuu, HeeJin, HyunJin, Go Won, Choerry, Olivia Hye, and YeoJin–returned with their latest mini album, Summer Special [Flip That]. In anticipation of their first world tour beginning in August, LOONA released their fifth mini-album, giving fans a treat before they hit the road. The mini-album contains six tracks, including the title track, “Flip That.” 

Turn Everything Over and “Flip That”

The title track, “Flip That” conceptualizes a Summer Special, as the album’s title suggests. “Flip That” is an upbeat pop song with a subdued house beat and disco-pop-like influences that are common in summer releases. LOONA show off their signature whimsical sound as they sing about flipping the world upside down.

The music video is characteristic of LOONA’s ability to adapt to any concept. While their previous release “Paint The Town” was dark and imposing, “Flip That” shows off a fairy-like and vibrant concept. The girls wear light fluffy dresses with glimmering makeup with the lush background decorating them in color. In other shots, they are shown wearing trendy make-up with rosy, glittering cheeks, and bright eyeshadows. The styling is ethereal and perfectly complements the addictive chorus punctuated by the cutesy point-hand choreography. The catchy flute melody, along with the dreamy cast over the video, makes for a refreshing and addictive track perfect for the summer.

Fun in the Sun

The album opens with “The Journey.” “The Journey” is an instrumental house track, giving a taste of what will come from the rest of the album. It blends perfectly into the title track, with its echoey synth and high energy.

The third song, “Need U,” is a slower-paced track, completely changing the pace of the album. “Need U” is a dreamy song that showcases the gentle-yet-powerful vocals of the group. The lyrics maintain the tranquil and desperate vibes of the song as the girls sing, “Breathe out on the dark night, we need you now.” It talks about trying to seek out the person that makes them feel safe and this incredible sense of longing is portrayed by the heart-wrenching vocals of the group.

Lights, Camera, Action, POSE

The group debuted “POSE” during the final round of Mnet’s competition program, Queendom. LOONA confidently performed the song, with a “bad-girl appearance that they’ve never shown before.” Their fans, Orbits, showed their support for the track as it achieved the highest number of Spotify streams for the round with 495,078 streams on the first day. The song contains an addictive chorus baseline where the title, “POSE” repeats.

A Sentimental Ending

 The fifth song on the album is “Pale Blue Dot.” The dance-pop track showcases the group’s heavenly vocals. Go Won explained the meaningful message of the song during their “Flip That” showcase, “all our concerns lie on this tiny dot in space, so let’s let go of our hardships and search for happiness.” To encapsulate the sentiment, the members repeat the sweet lyrics, “Whatever comes to mind, it’s gonna be alright” in English, reminding listeners not to worry about the problems that they may face.

During their Seoul concert “LOONAVERSE: FROM” in February, LOONA performed an unreleased song named “Playback.” The highly anticipated studio release came as the final track on the special album. The group’s leader line, Yves, Haseul, and Kim Lip took part in the songwriting process. The song conveys a sentimental message from LOONA to Orbit and reflects on the time they have spent together. “Remember, you are always my center,” they sing in chorus. Orbit took to Twitter to share their love for the song.


Global Stars LOONA

Flip That achieved first place on the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart, highlighting LOONA’s global popularity. To connect with international Orbits, the group is touring in the US in August. While tickets for the first nine cities sold out quickly, they announced four further dates in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and Mexico City.

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