To celebrate the Gemini season, EnVi is highlighting five Gemini K-pop idols. For those unfamiliar with astrology, Gemini is the third astrological sign of the Western zodiac and occurs when the sun travels through its constellation from May 21 to June 21 each year. Gemini is one of the three Air signs of the zodiac, along with Libra and Aquarius. Air signs are known for their skillful communication and love for exchanging ideas. They are ruled by freedom and have the need to explore wherever the breeze of the air takes them, making them quite adventurous. 

The Caring Twins are the Gemini symbol and represent the Air sign’s innocent, caring nature and value for communication and affection. Gemini’s desire for social interaction makes them very outgoing and their energy is unmistakable. They have an innate curiosity that can make them quite impulsive and almost childlike. Their free, youthful expression also shows in their quick wit and ability to make anyone laugh.

Despite their carefree nature, Gemini’s are intellectuals. They learn very quickly and are expert adapters in most situations. They are very well-spoken and knowledgeable due to their inclination to exchange ideas and always inquire more out of curiosity. In addition to intellectual exchange, Gemini’s value physical touch and tend to be very loving and affectionate to those they care for.

HyunA – Soloist

In true Gemini fashion, HyunA continues to show her adaptability and charisma while maintaining her individuality. Over her 16-year-long career, HyunA has explored her artistry through several concepts and evolved her personal style to be utterly unique. Her Y2K aesthetic is often accompanied by bright colors and “mismatched” patterns that are playful and youthful. In a recent Instagram post, HyunA is posed in front of an abstract painting that evokes her signature qualities. The art and her beauty look illustrate HyunA’s distinct and enigmatic style.

HyunA’s recent album Nabillera, a Korean phrase meaning “fly like a butterfly,” embodies what it means to be an Air sign in Western astrology. Lyrics from the high-energy title track “Nabillera” like, “I see a ‘bubble’ then I ‘pop’ it with my edge,” highlight the impulsive nature of Gemini, as well as pay homage to HyunA’s iconic single “Bubble Pop” from 2011. In the bridge, the lyrics “And you know that she young and wild and free” highlight the youthful energy of HyunA’s persona. The accompanying music video features butterflies sprinkled throughout, flying free amongst the vibrant scenery.

In addition to her appearance, HyunA’s personality is also airy and cheerful. During her appearance on No Prepare (2022) with rapper Lee Young-ji, HyunA proudly shows off her pastel and neon-colored, single-use hair ties. She is met with light teasing from Young-ji who jokes “You really are like a 12-year-old kid.” Fans were also charmed by HyunA’s cute demeanor with one commenting “[She] is really sweet and genuine. She has the cuteness of a little child, but she speaks with the sincerity of an adult.”

Haechan – NCT

Haechan from NCT is a bright and charismatic mood maker who is not afraid to be himself. His stage name, Haechan, means ‘full sun’ in Korean and is meant to signify his exuberant personality and energy. Due to his outgoing and playful nature, Haechan naturally brings out the silly side of his members. In the dance practice vlog for NCT DREAM’s “Candy,” Haechan serves as an encouraging presence that keeps the sessions fun and enjoyable.

It is known amongst NCT and NCTzens, that Haechan is quick witted and resourceful. While on an episode of the DAEBAK SHOW with Eric Nam, fellow NCT 127 member Johnny was asked if he’d rather bring Haechan or Mark with him to time travel backwards 100 years. Without hesitation, Johnny chose Haechan and went on to praise him for his adaptability and efficiency. 

The 23-year-old is also very wise beyond his years and uses his wisdom to encourage his peers as well as his seniors. His affection goes beyond physical gestures, also showing in his comforting words. In a live video, Haechan is seen supporting fellow member Doyoung and reassuring him of all of the love and support he has from his fans. Fans recognize Haechan’s advanced emotional intelligence and look up to him with admiration.

Dahyun – TWICE

Dahyun from TWICE is known for her cute, refreshing visuals and eccentric sense of humor. She has a youthful presence and embraces it. Recently, she posted photos of herself dressed in a denim dress equipped with angel wings, while sitting with two adorable stuffed animals. The endearing photos capture the playfulness that Gemini’s are known for. Her youthful essence gained recognition in the fashion world at NYC Fashion Week where she was sporting Michael Kors, bringing her contemporary  visuals to the chic brand.

While promoting TWICE’s latest album READY TO BE, Dahyun and fellow members Jeongyeon and Jihyo appeared on Amazing Saturday (2023). To the amusement of the cast, Dahyun energetically danced to TWICE’s single “Set Me Free” while throwing around a box during a game. Her spirit and quirky sense of humor lights up a room and makes for a memorable guest appearance.

Dahyun demonstrated her songwriting skills on TWICE’s album Between 1 & 2 with the track “When We Were Kids.” The song is an ode to youth and fondly reminisces on childhood. Lyrics such as “We were kids when we were full of curiosity / I was a little clumsy / Wish I could meet the younger me / All the hearts that were pure in those days, don’t forget them,” express missing your childhood and who you used to be. Dahyun’s ability to express her affinity for youth is articulated perfectly through these lyrics.


The main dancer and leader of SEVENTEEN’s Performance Team, Hoshi, is a passionate performer known for his energy and stage presence. His love for dance is apparent, as he cleverly captivates the feel of many different styles and adds his own unique style to it. In the tweet below, a fan is praising Hoshi for his adaptability when dancing to NewJeans’ single “OMG.” Although the choreography is not his own, he confidently adapts to the girl group’s style and charismatically adds his signature playful style on top of it.

In his solo track “Tiger” — also a nickname for the Gemini idol — Hoshi embraces his wild side through aggressive beats and lyrics. Hoshi is known for his love of tigers and his admiration for their ferocity. In the chorus, Hoshi repeats the lyrics “Chew, rip and flip everything over / Roar, we cannot keep him in the cage / I am South Korea’s last tiger.” These lyrics demonstrate his pure energy and impulsivity that cannot be contained. His passion and intensity shine through his vocal performance and dance.

In contrast to the rough and aggressive lyrics of “Tiger,” Hoshi’s off-stage persona is caring and affectionate, especially to his fellow members. He is very attentive to his members and shows his care for them through small gestures. In the following clip, he can be seen checking on his fellow Gemini member, Jun, who appears to be tired while resting. His social intelligence makes him an excellent group member.

Eunseo – WJSN

Known as “Sunlight GirlWJSN’s Eunseo is an extroverted Gemini who is bound to bring a smile to anyone’s face. While participating in Queendom (2022), she was well regarded as the “noisy” mood maker amongst the contestants because she was not afraid to make herself known. Many seemed to appreciate her energy and ability to bring light to stressful and tiring situations. No matter where she is, Eunseo brings her boisterous personality to liven things up.

Eunseo’s friendship with VIVIZ’s SinB further demonstrated her lighthearted and loving nature. The two could be seen lovingly calling each other “honey” when they would see each other. Eunseo never failed to make SinB and everyone around her burst out in laughter. She also teases SinB and playfully pouts in a childlike way to be dramatic and get the whole room laughing. Eunseo is a mood maker at heart.

During a concert, fans noticed a heartwarming interaction between Eunseo and her parents who were in the crowd. Once she notices them she excitedly screams to them and makes hearts showing her appreciation for them. She beams with excitement to show affection for those close to her and clearly communicated how much it meant to her with this quick interaction. 

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Gemini are typically most compatible with fellow air signs Aquarius and Libra. Their carefree nature makes it easy for them to get along and go with the flow. Check out EnVi’s playlist for songs to celebrate Gemini season!

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