Beyond his career as a performer and actor, NCT’s Doyoung is embracing a new role by providing music to our favorite dramas. After lending his voice to the OST of Yumi’s Cells, the singer is rendering his beautiful vocals for the Disney+ drama Soundtrack #1.

Soundtrack #1

The latest production of Disney+, Soundtrack #1, tells the story of childhood best friends who discover their feelings upon living under the same roof. Portraying the rookie photographer Han Sun Woo is actor Park Hyung Sik, who’s playing his second role after his military discharge. Han So Hee, who made a splash with the dramas The World of the Married (2020) and Nevertheless (2021), takes the role of the leading lady. The actress will play Lee Eun-Soo, an honest and outspoken lyricist.

The romantic story is set to premiere in March. However, the accompanying music has been progressively released since December last year. XANADU Entertainment, the company in charge of the OST production, unveiled a star-studded lineup of musicians participating in the project. The list includes Davichi, Kyuhyun, Kim Jong Kook, Standing Egg, and more. In addition to the exceptional music performers, Soundtrack #1 is helmed by Kim Hee Won, the director behind Vincenzo (2021), and tvN’s upcoming drama, Little Women.  

Just A Little Bit More Of Doyoung

Like the name of the drama suggests, music takes center stage in Soundtrack #1. Following a slew of songs, it was revealed that NCT’s vocalist, Doyoung, would be lending his voice for the seventh track of the drama. Titled “Just A Little Bit More,” the track contains lyrics that express the wish to hold onto a relationship. According to reports, Doyoung, whose voice is highly praised by industry professionals, “showed extraordinary affection” to the song. XANADU Entertainment also emphasized the singer’s dedication to his craft. “He directly requested an additional recording for a higher degree of perfection and took extra time to re-record it,” they said in a press release. 

In anticipation of the drama, the company in charge of Soundtrack #1’s music also released a live video of Doyoung’s song. The clip shows the star flaunting his voice, accompanied by an orchestra, in the emotional ballad. 

To Look Forward To

NCT’s Doyoung has previously proven his acting on the third season of Cafe Midnight: The Curious Stalker. The drama marked his official acting debut and earned him three acting awards in 2021. In addition to these recognitions, Doyoung was commended for lending his voice to the OST of the series. The song, “Night Air,” landed the Best Original Music Award at the Marseille Web Fest. 

Regarded as one of the best vocalists in the K-pop landscape, Doyoung continues to expand his influence across industries. The award-winning singer and actor has kicked off 2022 on a high note by confirming his return to the small screen through the drama To X Who Doesn’t Love Me. In the fantasy romance production, Doyoung will be starring opposite actress Han Ji-hyo. While we might have to wait until June to see Doyoung onscreen again, fans of the idol can look forward to Doyoung’s fashion pictorial on the March issue of GQ Korea

Ahead of the release of this photoshop in collaboration with Alexander McQueen, the ultimate all-rounder offered fans an insight into his bag. You can take a look at Doyoung’s must-have items here.