WayV’s Lucas and Hendery Announce New Single “Jalapeño”

By: Mayra Peralta

August has been a busy month for fans of WayV. From Ten’s solo return with “Paint Me Naked,” to the promotion of Ten and YanYang’s, “Low Low,” the group has gifted fans with a slew of content. Following these solo and subunit releases, on August 20, Lucas and Hendery announced the upcoming single, “Jalapeño.” 

Just a few days ago YangYang and Xiaojun hinted at forthcoming activities for fellow members Lucas and Hendery. After much speculation about a potential collaboration between the two rappers, WayV officially confirmed the news with a teaser picture for the new track.  Lucas and Hendery further lit up fans with excitement after sharing a couple of pictures on social media. “Jalapeño ????on fire,” Hendery wrote.



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Not Surprised But Definitely Not Disappointed 

Although fans already suspected the nature of Lucas and Hendery’s activities, now that the subunit has been finally revealed, they took to Twitter to express their anticipation for the song. They also shared their guesses about what “Jalapeño” will sound like.



Jalapeño Will Set The Internet On Fire

While Lucas made headlines after being spotted at several fashion events and Hendery recently appeared as a guest on South Korean Foreigners, this is the first music-related activity they participate in since the promotion of “Kick Back.” We may not know what to expect from this new collaboration, which is slated for release on August 25, but it is safe to assume Lucas and Hendery will set the internet on fire.


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