On April 26, Dior announced NewJeans’ member Haerin as its newest House ambassador for jewelry, fashion, and beauty. Cementing her group’s presence in fashion, Haerin becomes the last member of NewJeans to be appointed ambassador for a luxury brand. 

Haerin x Dior

Though the official announcement was just made, Haerin has been sporting Dior pieces for months. In fact, as early as November 2022, fans of the group realized that Dior was following the NewJeans on Twitter. This started speculations about an association between the young star and the French luxury brand.

Photo courtesy of Dior

Since late 2022, the members of NewJeans have been spotted wearing luxury outfits, with each member sporting pieces from different fashion houses. Fans began to notice a pattern of recurring brands, and their guesses were spot on. Hanni was selected as an ambassador for Gucci, Danielle for Burberry, Hyein for Louis Vuitton, and Minji for Chanel. 

Just like her bandmates, Haerin is now an official ambassador for Dior. And though the brand’s signature look contrasts with NewJeans’ Gen-Z-meets-Y2K style, Haerin’s timeless visuals fit right in. “Emerging K-pop icon, Haerin becomes a Dior House ambassador for jewelry, fashion and beauty. This is an opportunity to celebrate the privileged ties binding more than ever the NewJeans singer and Dior. Between elegance and audacity, [this is] a unique friendship in the name of creativity,” the heritage label shared in a press release. 

Dior Loves South Korea

For years, Dior has tapped into the influence of South Korean superstars. Most notably, the brand has collaborated with Jisoo, of the K-pop supergroup BLACKPINK, for fashion and beauty campaigns. However, the brand has also selected sportspeople and celebrities such as Kim Yuna, Nam Joo-hyuk, Suzy, Sehun, Cha Eunwoo, and Jimin as brand ambassadors. Now, reflecting the growing influence of Asian stars in the world of fashion, Haerin joins these big names in representing Dior. 

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