4 Beauty Trends To Recreate from IVE’s I’VE MINE Era

By: Mel Simmons
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K-pop’s high-teen queens, IVE, turned their beauty and fashion upside down for their newest EP, I’VE MINE. Leading up to the release of the title track “Baddie,” Yujin, Gaeul, Rei, Wonyoung, Liz, and Leeseo have put their spin on the most popular beauty trends of the year — as spotted on global Fashion Weeks and hit television shows. 

In their heartfelt music video “Either Way,” the girls took on artful storytelling with graphic liner and face gems. Illustrated through cinematic gold, the music video was filled with purposeful styling and heartfelt lyrics. Then, the hair color of the season (blonde) and a handful of faux face piercings appeared in the music videos for the ear-catching “Off The Record” and the girl crush anthem “Baddie.” Ahead, EnVi examines some of the most compelling beauty trends that IVE dived into this comeback season. 

Graphic Liner

Image courtesy of Starship Entertainment / YouTube

Throughout the first half of the “Either Way” music video, the girls of IVE are adorned with graphic liner in the form of flowers, swirls, and dots. Masking the mundane sorrows of everyday life, the whimsical images are used to portray the shield one can use to distract others from their authentic and raw emotions. 

Just as it is a piece of superb storytelling, this video clip is also style-savvy. “Either Way” portrays the type of intricate eyeliner a beauty mogul would rock, demonstrating that there is no bound to creativity when it comes to using eyeliner. As proven during New York Fashion Week, graphic liner has risen to be a well-liked beauty trend and it can come in nearly any color and shape. While IVE favored turquoise, green, and pink liners; any bold shade is welcome if you want to recreate the look.  

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Bright Face Gems

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As the members embark on a journey of self-love, a tone shift suddenly comes with dramatic beauty looks. Exemplifying the freedom and happiness of being unapologetically oneself, towards the end of the music video the sextet appears with bedazzled faces. We have the hit teen drama Euphoria and the early aughts revival to thank for this beauty statement: face gems. 

Reintroducing themselves into the K-pop scene, jewels adorned the idols’ faces in a youthful take on the trend. If you want to let your inner confidence shine with bright face gems, options are endless and range from small rhinestones to holographic stickers. You could even opt for a twist on the look by mixing gems and animated facial stickers — á la Wonyoung

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Linen Blonde Locks

Image courtesy of Starship Entertainment / YouTube

Although IVE took a more natural and lived-in approach to hair color in previous music releases, K-pop idols change hairstyles as fast as seasons change. As seen in the streets of Paris Fashion Week, the linen blonde trend is still going strong and it waltzed right into IVE’s music videos for “Either Way” and “Off the Record.” Members Wonyoung and Liz sported newly styled blonde hair-dos onscreen. 

Courtesy of a blonde wig, Wonyoung opted for a dramatic approach to blonde hair in “Either Way.” Wispy pieces of sandy hair floated around the vocalist’s face, giving her a more mature demeanor. 

Meanwhile, Liz went for bleached blonde lengths in “Off the Record.” Taking it back to the “yeehaw agenda,” the main vocalist’s linen blonde layers were topped off with a suede cowboy hat, cherry sweater, and glossy lips

Mixing the Barbiecore and Coastal Grandmother aesthetics with Vanilla Sugar Blonde, this new shade of blonde is an easy and approachable way to lighten hair. Not leaning too warm or too cool, linen blonde hair has garnered a sizable following due to its flattering taupe, beige base color. Dipping your ends into bleach can be scary, but celebrities have been opting for trendy wigs to prioritize hair health.

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Lip Rings

Image courtesy of Starship Entertainment / YouTube

For the last couple of years, makeup artists have gravitated towards facial piercings when needing an extra touch of grunge. Faux piercings of all shapes appeared on the catwalk during the Fall Winter 2022 season and the trend isn’t stopping any time soon. In 2023, facial piercings reached the Asian beauty circuit. Often accompanied by nose bridge jewelry; lip, anti-brow, and eyebrow piercings are must-haves for the most experimental and fashion-forward K-pop stars.

In the music video for “Baddie,” Wonyoung sat atop a coral sofa as she filed her long almond nails and made a case for facial piercings. Radiating girl-crush energy, the vocalist sported a coral pout topped with juicy lip gloss and an eye-catching labret faux piercing. The lip adornment paired with a stylish look, leather glove, and chunky rhinestone chain made quite the fierce fashion combination.

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Leading up to the release of I’VE MINE, IVE took fans on a style parade with music videos that overflowed with the buzziest beauty statements. Thoughtfully styled; graphic liner, facial gems, linen blonde locks, and piercings fell in tune with each of the songs, bringing the group to the forefront of trends once again.  

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